Quality Assurance Services

Industry Leading Design Quality and Assurance

Enerxen Consulting will move heaven and earth to get your innovations to market. We use leading design quality and top of the line quality assurance methods and safety risk management. We will do everything possible to help you improve the lives of everyone who can benefit from using your device.

Get your most innovative medical device to market

Enerxen can help you get your most advanced medical device to market. We will thoroughly review all aspects of your design to make sure it meets all requirements. If anyone knows how hard this is, it’s us. While doing this, we will validate the design as well. Witnessing how the final design evolves is not only exciting, it’s also crucial to your success. We are there to help you in every way possible.

Test, retest and improve

Enerxen can help pinpoint features that will need optimizing throughout the life of the device. By implementing human factors testing protocols along with usability engineering, you can enhance your device’s usability. This will reduce injuries due to use error, which would result in product recalls. Our goal would be to reduce risks in quality control and any future risks resulting from using the device.